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terça, 06 agosto 2019 14:22

New Technical Coordinator -Wildlife Crimes

Join the KAZA Secretariat and Partner States in welcoming Mr. Colum Zhuwau who just joined the KAZA TFCA Secretariat as the Technical Coordinator-Wildlife Crimes in KAZA TFCA as of 1st August 2019.

He holds a Master of Arts, Sustainable International Development from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management from Brandeis University in USA.  He is a World Bank Alumni having been awarded a Joint Japanese/World Bank Scholarship for his Master’s Degree studies in 2010.

Before joining the Secretariat, he was a Principal Ecologist with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) where he rose through the ranks since 2005. Mr. Zhuwau brings in a wealth of experience in wildlife research and management, project coordination, partner and stakeholder engagement and community liaison.  As Principal Ecologist with ZPWMA, he was in charge of various portfolios which include being a national rhino coordinator, national CITES-MIKE focal person and a coordinator of a Parks component of a UNDP-GEF 6 project on Strengthening Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management in the Mid to Lower Zambezi Region of Zimbabwe. He also played a key advisory role to the Directorate and Ministry on policy and wildlife conservation issues.

Mr Zhuwau was a team leader in the review process of the wildlife legislation and policy in Zimbabwe. He also led the development of the Human and Wildlife Conflict Policy which he left at an advanced stage of consultations before joining the Secretariat. In his new role as KAZA TFCA Technical Coordinator, Mr. Zhuwau will be responsible for the implementation KAZA Secretariat component of the Combatting Wildlife Crime Project (CWCP), which is funded USAID. The project is aimed at supporting law enforcement capacity development in the KAZA TFCA. He shall further be responsible for the coordination of regional law enforcement activities implemented by the KAZA Partner States, as such his role shall be central in ensuring:

  • Community engagement, as frontline of defense, in combatting wildlife crime;
  • Strengthening of anti-poaching and surveillance capacity and collaboration among various stakeholders in the KAZA landscape;
  • Capacity development for effective investigations and prosecutions in KAZA TFCA through strengthened capacity, heightened awareness of the seriousness of wildlife crime and increased penalties;
  • strengthening coordination of information sharing on wildlife crime among law enforcement agencies, and a range of stakeholders; and
  • Integration and improved understanding of both the dynamics of wildlife trafficking and community engagement in combatting wildlife crime at regional, national, and community-level.