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Tuesday, 06 April 2021 21:46

KAZA Tourism Guidelines

Development and packaging of harmonised COVID-19 ‘safe travel’ guidelines, protocols, and procedures for the Discover the Kavango Zambezi - KAZA Tourism, Conservation, Safaris area across 5 countries of Angola, Bostwana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabweregion

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Since then, Southern Africa’s aviation and tourism industries and the world have continued to take a battering that has resulted in unprecedented economic impacts, with other industries directly and indirectly associated with these sectors not being spared.

The Discover the Kavango Zambezi - KAZA Tourism, Conservation, Safaris area across 5 countries of Angola, Bostwana, Namibia, Zambia and ZimbabweSecretariat is working to coordinate and support efforts to amplify recovery programmes in the KAZA region in close collaboration with its Partner States and their respective private sector partners and stakeholders.

In so doing, KAZA Secretariat is pleased to confirm the development of a first set of harmonised (across all five Partner States) COVID-19 safe tourism guidelines, protocols and procedures for the KAZA region. These guidelines have been developed for application by tourism operators including travel retailers and wholesalers, tourism attractions and activity providers (including Protected Area destinations and inscribed World Heritage Sites), as well as tourism venues and accommodation.

It is intended that these harmonised guidelines, protocols and procedures can be leveraged by public and private tourism stakeholders in the region to collaboratively:  

  • Lobby for and inform the lifting of travel warnings in key national, regional, and international source markets for the KAZA region;
  • Advocate for the lifting of travel restrictions, and work with businesses to apply the newly harmonised guidelines, protocols and procedures that meet international best practice requirements, as well as adhere to KAZA Partner State health protocols for COVID-19 safe travel that have already been established at a national level; and
  • Restore traveller confidence (business-to-business and business-to-consumer), particularly with respect to long-haul source markets for the KAZA region, and stimulate demand through new ‘safe and clean labels’ for tourism operations, with special emphasis on meeting protocols and standards requirements at a national and business/operational-level, so that businesses and destinations achieve eligibility to attain the WTTC Safe Travel Stamp and the international Safer Tourism Seal.

To this end, development of these guidelines, protocols and procedures was informed by (amongst others), KAZA Partner State national guidelines, the European Commission’s COVID-19 EU Guidance for the progressive resumption of tourism services and for health protocols in hospitality establishments, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa’s (TBCSA) COVID-19 Protocols for tourism industry operations, all protocols, procedures and guidelines of the WTTC 'Safe Travels': Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal which meet World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention requirements, and the Rebuilding Travel’s Safer Tourism Seal for Destinations and Stakeholders.

These non-prescriptive guidelines will be reviewed periodically to account for changes in the operating environment such as, amongst others, KAZA Partner State gazetted COVID-19 provisions. 

The guidelines, protocols and procedures can be accessed on the KAZA website here: https://www.kazatourism.com/images/documents/2021/Harmonised-COVID-19-Safe-Travel-Guidelines-for-the-KAZA-Region-March-2021.pdf.  

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