Behold The Awe of The Great Okavango and the Mighty Zambezi Rivers


Discover the World's Richest and Diverse Conservation, Tourism and Safaris Area that Straddles 5 Countries of the Kavango and Zambezi Basins
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Wednesday, 06 November 2019 12:18

Land Rover Experience Tour KAZA 2019 - Discover the World's Richest and Diverse Conservation, Tourism and Safaris Area that Straddles 5 Countries of the Kavango and Zambezi Basins

The Discover the Kavango Zambezi - KAZA Tourism, Conservation, Safaris area across 5 countries of Angola, Bostwana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabweis hosting the 2019 edition of the Land Rover Experience Tour (LET). The 2019 expedition is being implemented through a partnership between Land Rover Germany and the KAZA Secretariat, with strong support from KAZA’s five Partner States – Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The LET was established to demonstrate the extreme durability of Land Rovers through challenging off-road adventures. Since 2000, the Land Rover Experience Tour has stood for breath-taking imagery, off-road adventures and the discovery of foreign cultures.

The 2019 expedition, underway since 31 October, will run until 13 November 2019 and consists of two rotations. Each rotation will see participation of 36 representatives and participants (25 permanent and 11 fluid), making a total of 47 representatives and participants overall. With 18 vehicles being used during the expedition, each of the two slots will be comprised of groups made up of Land Rover Experience Tour 2019 staff, hosts, photographers, expedition participants and media.

LET KAZA 2019 outline

The first rotation (Slot 1) kicks off at Khaudum National Park in Namibia and ends in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The second rotation (Slot 2) starts in Victoria Falls and ends in Kasane, Botswana. The complete itinerary overview is as follows:







31 October

Departure from Frankfurt to Windhoek



1 November

Arrival Slot 1 Windhoek – Charter to Khaudum



2 November

Camp Khaudum to Popa Falls



3 November

Caprivi – Border crossing into Angola



4 November

Border crossing Namibia, border crossing Zambia, Sioma National Park



5 November

Border crossing Namibia, border crossing Botswana



6 November

Chobe National Park / Departure Journalists Slot 1 Kasane, Johannesburg, Frankfurt (optional extension to Victoria Falls)



7 November

Border crossing Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls


1 & 2

8 November

Departure Slot 1 Victoria Falls, Windhoek, Frankfurt / Departure Slot 2 Frankfurt to Windhoek



9 November

Arrival Slot 2 Victoria Falls



10 November

Hwange National Park



11 November

Border crossing Botswana Pandamatenga, Hunters Road, Elephant Sands



12 November

Cutline Road Botswana



13 November

Transfer to Shakawe, Sinamatella Road, Departure Journalists Slot 2 Khwai – Kasane – Johannesburg - Frankfurt

Overview of Slot 1 itinerary:


Overview of Slot 2 itinerary:


Three National Tourism Organisations of KAZA’s Partner States will host events during the expedition. Zambia Tourism Agency will host a ‘Meet and Greet’ event at the point that Slot 1 enters into Zambia from Namibia on 4 November 2019. Zimbabwe Tourism Authority will host a ‘Farewell’ event on 7 November 2019 for Slot 1 in Victoria Falls, and Botswana Tourism Authority will host a ‘Welcome to Botswana’ event for Slot 2 at Elephant Sands on 11 November 2019.


What are the benefits to the KAZA TFCA?

Land Rover Germany will produce a film and a collection of professionally taken photographs as key outputs of the expedition. A KAZA-branded promotional video published by Land Rover Germany in advance of the main expedition shortly after an initial preparatory reconnaissance tour was published on YouTube in November 2018 and, to date, has had in excess of 3.3 million views – demonstrating the extent and reach of visibility harnessed from KAZA as a direct result of the expedition. Both outputs – the videos and photographs, as well as learnings from the experience of supporting the expedition will:

  • Position KAZA as a leading nature, cultural heritage, adventure and ‘off-the-beaten track’ tourism destination in Africa;
  • Promote of “Discover the World's Richest and Diverse Conservation, Tourism and Safaris Area that Straddles 5 Countries of the Kavango and Zambezi Basins”, and the development of cross border tourism offerings through the main expedition and subsequent leisure tours;
  • Test and demonstrate connectivity and ease of ground travel between respective KAZA Partner States;
  • Strengthen collaboration between KAZA Partner States and their respective parks and tourism authorities;
  • Increase awareness of biodiversity and socio-economic activities as well as opportunities for international development cooperation involvement and private sector investment;
  • Raise awareness on transboundary destinations and products in the region

Showcase identified nature, biodiversity and community development initiatives in the KAZA TFCA landscape;

  • Showcase KAZA as a premier tourism destination for regional and international markets; and
  • Foster expansion of the Land Rover Adventure Travel Programme after the expedition. Land Rover Germany is currently offering exclusive trips to Namibia and Botswana and has the intent to expand its offerings to KAZA subsequent to successful completion of the expedition.

KAZA TFCA embraces the Land Rover Experience Tour of KAZA 2019 and looks forward to further development on the Land Rover Experience Journey, which will increase the profile of the KAZA TFCA and its tourism offerings.